Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Joy & Gerald Finzi

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[11th September 1949]

Dear Joyce & Gerald

You may not have been able to read my illegible p.c. from Faringdon1 - so I repeat it - Could you both come as my guests to the 1st night of Bliss Opera Sept 29?2 That is if I can get tickets, which is not certain yet - I have written but have had no reply - so do not make it an absolute date till you hear again.3  - I meant to have spoken about this at Hereford but forgot.
Aunt Adeline sends her love.


1. i.e. VWL3150
2. The Olympians.
3. According to R.V.W.: a biography, they went ‘at the beginning of  October’ (p.296) so it would seem they failed to get tickets for the first night.

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