Letter from Jean Sibelius to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: 
August 11, 1949


R. Vaughan Williams, Esq., D.Mus.,
White Gates, Westcote Road,
Dorshire, Sussex, England.

Dear Dr Vaughan Williams,

Through Mr. Yusuf Karsch1 who visited me recently I have received the score of your latest Symphony2 and I send you my warmest thanks for your great kindness to have remembered me in this connection.
I like the new Symphony very much. It is an excellent work, in fact a masterpiece. As I have told you once before your music sounds to me so very English that one could not be mistaken about that.
With kindest admiring regards,
Yours very sincerely,

Jean Sibelius

1.  Photographer.
2.  Symphony No.6, the score of which was published by O.U.P. in 1948.

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