Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ursula Wood

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Friday [5th August 1949]

My Dear

I went to Cambridge yesterday, a perfect day & the country especially the cornfields looking lovely - Carr1 was my guest - The highlight of show2 was Carr’s guest Anne Keynes who ravished my heart in a filmy quite transparent tunic with sleeves attached to the wrists & when she lifted her arms it was most alluring - she also, by the way, sang charmingly - the singers & playing pretty good - but I won’t have Mr P Cresswell to produce P.P.3
I do hope all goes well with you & the play since - are you having these lovely days for it. All goes well here - Beagley4 on holiday next week.
All love my dear


1.  Rosamond Carr.
2.  King Arthur.
3.  Writing to her sister, Cordelia, AVW said "R so enjoyed Cambridge - he and Carr were were the guests of Patrick Hadley for lunch in the Theatre restaurant - roast chicken and a Coupe Jacque and iced cider. The "King Arthur" had its faults but while a young Mrs Keynes was on the stage all were forgotten - R was ravished by her loveliness - She was a daughter of the Adrians [Lord and Lady Adrian], Carr's friends, so that was an interest for Carr too as the family were there ..."
4.  The VW's chauffeur.

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MS Mus. 1714/1/18, ff. 79-80
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From postmark. Addressed to UW, c/o Mrs Stephens, The Cottage, Cadgwith, Cornwall.

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