Letter from Ursula Vaughan Williams to Margaret Keynes

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September 9th, 1958

Dear Margaret

Diana1 was here a few weeks ago, and Lucy2 just before she died, so all the links remained firm - and how gay they were.
Ralph & I had a most golden summer & did so many lovely things, that I can only feel that we were most fortunate in this too, & he died in a time of great serenity, and completion, and as simply as he lived.
Job is one of the great glories, & Adrian will play some of it in the Abbey.
With affection


We never heard any more about the Blake film after the songs were recorded - has it ever appeared?

1.  Diana Montgomery Massingberd, neé Montgomery and wife of Archie Massingberd, played the violin & had been a member of the Magpie Madrigal Society. Lived at Gunby.  On the relationship see footnote to VWL891.
2.  Lucy Kempson, aunt of Rachel Kempson (Lady Redgrave) and great-aunt of Vanessa Redgrave, both of whom came with her on this visit (UVW).


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