Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ruth Charrington

Letter No.: 
[March 1910]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Miss Charrington

I enclose skeleton of programme for you to fill up.
I thought we had a very hopeful rehearsal yesterday.
Ys sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams


Part I

1. Suite in B minor  J.S Bach
for flute and string orchestra
(b)   (add names of movements here)
Solo flute Miss Edith Penville

2. Songs Bushes & Briars.
 -   English folk songs
 Mr Clive Carey

3. Two Preludes J.S Bach
(founded on old German chorales)
 (1) Schmücke dich O liebe Seele
 (2) Gottes Sohn ist kommen

4. Two movements from Suite in D J.S. Bach
 (a)  Air
 (b)  Gavotte

Part II

1. Songs -
  -  Greek folk-songs arranged by  M. Ravel
 Mr Clive Carey

2. Serenade Elgar
 (b) (add names of movements here)

3. Flute solo  K. Eggar
 [add that long screed here in very small type]
 Miss Edith Penville

4. Songs -
    )  R.V.W
 Mr Clive Carey

5. Two melodies  Grieg
 (a) First Greeting
 (b) Norwegian Melody


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