Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Edward J. Dent

Letter No.: 
[April 1910]

Dear Dent

I enclose copy of S. Lad1 with words as I want them.
Claribel is the Tennyson
I send a copy of “The Sky” for words2
I don't see why you shd bother about putting up the players - it wd rather bore your friends to have to entertain orchestral players wdnt it? I shd think they cd find their way to some little pub cdnt they -  but of course its not for me to put them off a good thing!
They are going to rehearse at Cambridge in the afternoon.


1. On Wenlock Edge
2. Claribel
and 'The Sky' were songs to be included in a forthcoming concert; see VWL307, VWL308, VWL309.

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Dent Archive 1910.7
Cobbe 61
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