Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Edward J. Dent

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[November 1914]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Dent

I've now finished your book1 - & I do congratulate you on it most heartily. I now want you to write a book called `Further discussion of the things I hadn't time to say in my Mozart book' & shd consist of
 (1) a further discussion of the language of music with regard to nationality - whether in the musical language there are varieties of dialect - the English, the German, the French etc
(2) With regard to folk-song & the composer - an elaboration of what you say about it not yet being our national language - whether in the course of years this may become so & whether if it does whether any good will accrue - At present your paragraph leads me to suppose that you do not believe in the F.S.3 as a good influence but
(a) perhaps you don't mean this
(b) if you do it may quite possibly be the truth - any way a book from you on the subject wd be most valuable.
(3) elaborate p.411 starting "It is indeed this very  remoteness" - this seems to me the basis of all technical instruction & I always urge my few pupils to found their technique entirely on Palestrina, Bach, Mozart & then build up for themselves.
Thank you again.


1. Mozart's Operas: A Critical Study, 1913.
2. i.e. folk song

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Dent Archive 1913.3
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The letter was assigned by King's College to 1913, but it must follow on from letter of 14th October 1914.

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