Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Edward J. Dent

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[Before 6th May 1910]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Dent

Many thanks.
Of course the players wd be delighted to be invited - but I didn't see any necessity - they are prepared to go to some pub. I don't see any reason why you should pay for them at the Lion. A middle course might be that they go to a pub suited to their means - and then ask them to add that to their fee.
They come up by the 2.40 train & if they cd be fed1somewhere (pen given out) somewhere they wd be grateful & for any other hospitality - but as I say I don't see any necessity.
Mrs H. Darwin has kindly asked Elwes.2


1. In blue pencil from here.
2. The arrangements were for a concert on May 6 1910; see VWL360 etc.

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Dent Archive 1910.12
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