Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Rutland Boughton

Letter No.: 

The White Gates,

Dear Rutland

Many thanks for your letter.
I also wrote to Bantock & Gibbs & as the 3 of you seem inclined to agree to Curwen’s proposition I have also signed the agreement.1
I do not, however, quite see your argument.
If the proposed reduction is unfair it is no less unfair because the publishers have been pleasant to you in the past.
If, on the other hand, it is fair it is not less fair because the publisher has been unpleasant to you in the past.

R Vaughan Williams

1. See VWL3633; Curwen's proposed to reduce the royalty payments to the composers.

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Date assumed in relation to VWL3633, probably written in wartime (from unheaded paper); Bantock died in 1946.

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