Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Michael Mullinar

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[5 February 1921]


My Dear Michael

It must be a great blow to you having to part from such a good friend as Mr  Warden1 – but these things will happen!
Perhaps it will make for a blessing in disguise for you after all – You will now have to make more of a life for yourself which is a hard process – but perhaps makes for good in the end.
And do not let the blows of life affect your work too much – Sometimes good work comes out of the very difficulty of the situation – it gives it a strength that it wd not otherwise possess.
You will still have your good friends the Wardens & you know you have other friends to whom you can turn in a difficulty
Delighted to see you at 2.0 on the 17th

R Vaughan Williams

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Date from postmark on envelope addressed to Michael Mullinar Esq, 214 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.  VWL471 was also written from the Sheringham address.

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