Letter from Alan Bush to Ralph Vaughan Williams

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Dear Dr Vaughan Williams,

Thank you very much indeed for dealing so promptly with the document and for getting it witnessed.  It was vey kind of Mr Down to forgo his fee.  One feels so much encouraged to try and help where it seems almost hopeless when one is met with so much friendly assistance.  The document has already been forwarded to Mrs Pinthus and it remains now to wait and see how the authorities react.  I will communicate with you as soon as we hear any further news.

You will not wish to be bothered unnecessarily with the financial side.  If you are agreeable I will suggest to Arnold Goldsbrough that he and I should be jointly responsible for the fund.  The amounts due from the various contributors should, I think, be paid in quarterly instalments payable in advance.  The first instalment would become due as soon as news comes of the release of Dr Pinthus.

Hoping that this is in order and again thanking you,

Yours very sincerely,


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