Letter from Alan Bush to Arnold Goldsbrough

Letter No.: 
January 31st, 1936. [i.e. 1937]

Arnold Goldsbrough Esq.,
18, Queen's Road,

Dear Goldsbrough,

I am writing to say that Vaughan Williams has signed a letter witnessed by a commissioner of oaths in which he assumes responsibility for living expenses and fees for a course at some musical institution for Dr. Pinthus for two years.  We have now to wait and see the reaction of the German authorities to this proposal.   If Dr. Pinthus is released, he will immediately travel to England.  I have suggested to Vaughan Williams, that, as he will probably not wish to be worried with financial details, perhaps the best arrangement would be if you and I administered the fund jointly.  The contributions should, I think, be payable in quarterly instalments, payable in advance.  The first would thus become due as soon as we hear news of Dr. Pinthus's projected journey.  It is understood that V.W. will subscribe £50 per annumn, you and I 25 pounds per annum each, the remainder from various sources, assistance Cttees, etc.,  These sums are payable for two years.

Hoping that this is in order, and thanking you most sincerely for your generous assistance,

Yours sincerely,

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