Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Victor and Mary Sheppard

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July 26 1950

Dear Mary & Victor
Your names looked so nice on the blue envelope with the cutting it tempts me to address you thus. Are you well and are you prospering as you should?
Thank you for the grand parcel & belated thanks for the pencils which were quickly in use - but I must tell you that we are able to get the soft ones again now - also many kinds of food keep appearing.
The only good news that the papers give us is that Smuts is better.
We like reading Eric Blom but in this my husband says he doesn't know what a Mass is - it is only the portion that is sung by the choir or solos & It is only a small part of the Mass that has been set to music in the great settings we know. I hope the Athanasian Creed may never be set! What a muddle I have made of this - it comes from writing & listening at the same time to R correcting a score at the piano - he is very immersed in scores just now.
Love & send news when you can

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MS Mus. 1737, ff.36-37
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