Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Louis Hamand

Letter No.: 
July 1925

13 Cheyne Walk
London S.W.3.

Dear Mr Hammond
The 2 fives ought to be sung the same - it was only for convenience in the band parts that I have them different i.e. the length of bar is the same as the other bars & each note of the 5 slightly slower than a 6.
Yrs sincerely
R Vaughan Williams

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General notes: 

This letter, tipped into a score of VW's Fantasia on Christmas Carols, explains the 5/8 bars between figures E & G. The letter's recipient was Louis Hamand, organist at Malvern Priory for 35 years. The letter was included in sale catalogue 18 of Austin Sherlaw-Johnson.
The date has been added to the letter in another hand.