Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

Letter No.: 
[September 1933?]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Grace
That will be lovely - we will go together to the prom & we will have dinner together either before or after - I rather fancy after - Betty1 comes on 2nd & will be over by 1/2 past 8.0 - so if not too late for you we wd have a nice long dinner after rather than a hurried dinner before. But just as you like let me know - But if you approve of my plan I will call for you at 4 Horbury Place at 7.30 (By the way who is "Joan" I can't place her at all). I shan't have time to dress - so please come in a day frock (a pretty one!) - But you'll look pretty in anything - I thought you looking prettier than I'd ever seen you that glimpse I had of you at the RCM.2 - So dearest Grace if you approve of this plan let me know - but if you like any other arrangements better I will fall in with it.
I will get the tickets.
I expect you are right about the English orchestras - only its not quite fair to compare a prom performance (6 concerts a week & 3 rehearsals) with a fully rehearsed concert; also H.J.W.'s3 eccentricities & interpretations have nothing to do with the playing of the orch, have they? I had the best performance of my tune I've ever heard on Thursday - I like the Walton very much especially the 2nd & 3rd movements
I'm just going out to send a telegram to Betty
Goodbye dearest Grace
Yrs Uncle Ralph

1. Elizabeth Maconchy
2. Royal College of Music
3. Henry Wood, the conductor.

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General notes: 

Date must be after 1931 when Williams returned from studies in Germany, and before 1935 (from headed notepaper). This letter appears to precede VWL3819, from reference to address (Horbury Place corrected to Horbury Crescent in VWL3819).