Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

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Jan 19 [mid-1930s?]

The White Gates

Dearest Grace
I ought to have written long ago. I listened in - I liked the slow & finale best - I didn't get going with the 1st somehow - But of course a single hearing without a copy at the end of a long day is not ideal.
I felt all through a certain feeling of striving - battling with the storm but not riding it - I think you are too frightened of your own conclusions & say "This is getting dull I must do something about it" - That is fatal, as I know to my own cost.
All my love
Uncle Ralph

P.S. A friend came to see me the other day & said quite out of the blue how much she had liked it


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Work in question unidentified. VWL3841 is clearly a response to Williams' reply to this letter.