Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

Letter No.: 
Fri [1932?]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Darling Grace
(The letter from me you will get, I think, this aft was written before I got yours) Certainly you must have the large orchestra & an experienced conductor for your overture.
(By the way I always warned you of the small number of strings - I remember your saying "that will be luxury, I am accustomed to 1 to a part")
As regards the psalms - the only difficulty will be (a) I wanted something brilliant - I don't want a general impression that English music is all very quiet & sad - & the rest of the programme is quiet (b) I think they are so hard for me to conduct - aren't they all 5s & 7s - How about the Trumpet piece?
the B.B.C are funny people - they've not said a word to me about all this - & if they are to have 2nd rate w.w. I fear for the rest of the programme.
I'm not sure in view of the way they are treating me I shall not cry off altogether.
I hope the overture on Jan 16th is a certainty?
Love from
Uncle Ralph


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