Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

Letter No.: 
Sunday [1934]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Darling Grace
I'm so sorry you are in such a pickle over that wretched I.G.0.  Don't worry - but if the cheque appears send it back "for the advancement of opera" or whatever it is. I do hope you are having a good holiday - I stupidly am laid up with a poisoned leg - very annoying. I am very fed up that your overture is not being done at the Proms - we must get it done somewhere - why not send it to Patrons?1 even they could hardly turn down a work which nearly one2 the D.T. prize.3
Also how about the Welsh Folksongs - I sometimes feel I don't do 1/2 enough pushing on behalf of my pupils - but as you know I am no pusher.
Also why do I never see you these days - I long for a sight of your face - do try & come along to RCM4 one day
Love from Uncle Ralph

1. The Patrons Fund at the Royal College of Music was for 'the encouragement of native composers by the performance of their works'.
2. sic.
3. Williams' Concert Overture was highly commended for the Daily Telegraph Chamber Music competition 1932-33.
4. Royal College of Music

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Year from reference to poisoned leg, which happened in summer 1934.