Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Grace Williams

Letter No.: 

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

My Dearest Grace
I'm so distressed you thought me cross - You wrote me such a lovely long letter & I read it several times & then your horrid, lazy, busy old Uncle  never answered it.
- Of course I wd love to give you a photograph
I tried to get Cardiff that day but failed miserably1 - I'm so glad it went off well - I wonder when I shall hear it - You evidently have got the whip hand of W.B.2 (and also the cellist) so "continuez" as God said to his worshippers in the Belloc story
As regards Patrons3 - go in & take your luck - but don't expect too much - they always turn down my pupils (accident I dare say)
I think it was wise not to send your overture to HJW4 this year - for one reason I've already recommended a very fine symphony by Paddy Hadley - & if one recommends too often ones value gets cheapened - so I limit myself to one recommendation a season5
Do come & see me about 5.30 on Wed: I may have to keep you if I have many pupils - but I expect 5.30 will be the time - I want to see you again so much dear Grace
love from
Uncle  Ralph

1. Possibly 1931; a visit referred to in VWL3879.
2. Identify
3. The Patron's Fund at the Royal College of Music, which supported new composers
4. Sir Henry Wood, conductor of the Promenade Concerts
5. The Promenade Concerts always included some new works.

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