Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Olin Downes

Letter No.: 
August 31st. 1953.

After September 15th 1953.
10 Hanover Terrace, London N.W.1.

The White Gates,

Dear Mr Downes,

Thank you for your most interesting letter1.  If ever you print your lecture I should be so glad to have a copy.

As you say there are certain things which I should have done differently now.  As I daresay you know, there have been several alterations and revisions since 1914; notably a whole second trio in the scherzo, which was scrapped.  References to it come in the coda of the scherzo.  They may seem out of place, but they are, like the human appendix, relics of a former useful function.  But I do not regret that coda, nor have I yet had cause to regret my appendix, but that may come later.  The other big cut was in the coda of the whole movement.  There have also been, from time to time, several small deletions and re-orchestrations.

I shall be very glad to meet Mr Pfohl when he comes to London where we ourselves move in the middle of September, when our address will be as above.

Yours sincerely,
R Vaughan Williams2

1.  18 August.  See VWL3904.
2.  Signed.

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Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Olin Downes Papers, [MS688, B63, F19]
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Atlas, Allan W., “Ralph Vaughan Williams and Olin Downes: Newly Uncovered Letters”, Journal of the RVW Society No. 60 (June, 2014)
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