Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ernest Newman

Letter No.: 
May 4th [1940]

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Mr Newman
I take the liberty of sending you the enclosed in case by any chance you would be able and willing to come.
Gundry was a pupil of mine and I am much interest[ed] in his work (His music is not in the least like mine)
Please do not trouble to answer this - I know how busy you are
Yours sincerely
R Vaughan Williams

1. The enclosed was a handbill for a performance of Gundry's opera The Return of Odysseus at the Royal College of Music on May 25, 1940. (British Library MS Mus.161, f.8)


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MS Mus. 161, ff.7-8
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