Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Guthrie Foote (OUP)

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Jan 15 [1951]

Dear Foote
Herewith pp 1-48 of S.O.L.1
The harp part is only mapped in as I am asking Sidonie Goossens to vet it & she cannot do so for a week.
I think the parts can be copied direct from this score, but it should be 'vetted' by an expert before hand.
Can the expert also note the pianoforte part referred to in the note as a substitute for Harp, celesta & Glockenspiel
Please refer the copyist of the parts to my request that it shall be carefully noted which Bassoon (1 or 2) plays each note - & the same applies to Trumpets 1,2,3.
I have reduced it all I can!
Yrs sincerely
R Vaughan Williams

1. Sons of Light.

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