Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust

Letter No.: 
Oct 1st [1917]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Sir

I am afraid I cannot have made my letter clear – I certainly intended to say that I was sending my score, at your request, to Stainer & Bell for an estimate only not for engraving – It wd be quite impossible to make the revisions on the printed score, they must be made in the M.S.  But as it will make very little difference to the number of pages & notes it can well be estimated for quite well in its present state.
But perhaps to make it all clear I had better repeat what I have already written that I cannot have it printed until I have had an opportunity of revising it; as there appears to be no chance of my being able to do the revision until the war is over perhaps your ctee wd rather I withdrew the work altogether.
Yrs truly

R Vaughan Williams

1.  See VWL433.  In fact the London Symphony became much shorter following VW’s revisions.

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