Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Mary Watts

Letter No.: 
July 2 [1948]

The White Gates - Dorking

Dear Miss Watts1
A lovely parcel arrived 3 days ago - all in perfect condition. Was it No 5?  it contained Quince Jam - dried fruit. Margarine! Etc and the new government has allowed you to send all this! - I do hope your difficulties are being overcome and that you have found the right home - I was so glad to have your interesting letter - Are conditions - now that the excitement of the electon is over getting down to something more normal? You ask me some very kind questions - As to socks I am sorry to say my husband can never wear bought socks so I have them knitted for him - and so far I have been able to find wool for them.
There is now a drop in prices & coupons for many useful things - I'm afraid only because we can't sell them abroad. England is going through an anxious time - first the 16 day strike & now Berlin -
Music goes on -- My husband keeps well - always at work and he sends his thanks with mine to you and Mr Sheppard.
Yours very sincerely
A M Vaughan Williams

The honey leaked through a little but was all saved

1. Mary Watts, later Mrs Sheppard, was in South Africa and sent parcels of food to the VWs during post-war rationing. A pencil note by 'No. 5' corrects it to 'No 6' - presumably the sixth parcel they had sent.


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MS Mus. 1737, f.16
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Year added in pencil in another hand.