Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Victor Sheppard

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September 7 [1948]

The White Gates

Dear Mr Sheppard
Another delightful parcel arrived safely about 10 days ago - Very many thanks from us to you - and to Miss Watts if she had a hand in it - it is very nice to have dried fruits and now we have every ingredient for a birthday & Xmas cake - you are both very kind.
My husband is away at the Worcester Festival - He very seldom leaves home but I hope he will no be disappointed too much in the works for which he is responsible "Job" & his 'Tallis'.
I like to hear of your music and hope to hear that you have found a home -
Yours sincerely
A M Vaughan Williams

1. The Sheppards were sending food parcels from South Africa to the VWs during post-war rationing.


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MS Mus. 1737, f.17
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