Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Victor Sheppard

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May 5 [1949]

The White Gates, Dorking

Dear Mr Sheppard,
It was very nice to hear from you & to know that you were safely married and settled. it is one of the best pleasures making a homeĀ - a house & a garden. I am sorry if it is anxiety that brings your wife back to England -
You ask difficult questions but I am very touched at your wishing to send something to us - you already send all that is welcome for our store cupboard - only too much - As you say "something sweet" has always been appreciated. But you see the older one gets, & we are both very old, ones needs decrease! - it is one of the mercies - but should you be unhappy not to send I know of something that will always be received with gratitude and that is Pencils - we often can't find the BB or BBB wch are the softest & my husband likes them very much - but doubtless they are as rare with you as with us!
If your wife is still with you when this reaches you will you say to her how happy we should be to see her here if she is ever near Dorking. Then I can hear more about The White Cottage.
The Spring is lovely - only everything rushes out at once & is so soon gone
Yrs sincerely
Adeline Vaughan Williams

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MS Mus.1737, f.20