Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Victor Sheppard

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June 7 [1949]

The White Gates

Dear Mr Sheppard,
Another parcel has come from you - as usual so cunningly chosen - we couldn't wish for anything nicer - it is an incentive to make cake when the dried fruits are unpacked.
Where is your wife now? I hope she is not being anxious about her father - You did not say how long she expected to be away. There is a great bottling of gooseberries going on - the only fruit that is safe from the birds - our main news.
Have you a gramophone and is it possible to send records to S.A.1 & if so would you like to have some? - we would love to send you what you like in that way.
We have just bought a new record player wh looks after its records - we hated having to wind up & change as we had to on our old one -
All wishes to you both
Adeline VW

1. South Africa. The Sheppards sent food parcels to the VWs for some years during post-war rationing.

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MS Mus. 1737, f.21
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