Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Victor Sheppard

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September 3 [1949]

Dear Mr Sheppard
I ought to have written before but a houseful of children diverted me from my pen - 2 of these small cousins are off to join their father in America and we have been having a hard time with all the formalities - I hope all is straight now but I think every hindrance is put in the way of keeping the English from entering the U.S.A.
Yr grand parcel arrived in good state - only a slight leakage of sugar. The children adored the lime marmalade but you mustn't send any more because we can get quite good marmalade now, also lemons are plentiful and have made some lemon marmalade at home. With so much fruit the sugar was very good to have - as well as all the rest - but you must keep all for the home larder

We hope to see your wife before long



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MS Mus. 1737, f.27
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