Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Victor and Mary Sheppard

Letter No.: 
August 15 [1950]

The White Gates

Dear Mary & Victor
It was good to hear from you - let us hope for 1952 and that you will both get to England then.1 I can't feel like giving you any comfort just now - All is moving so fast this time which makes it different in a way but perhaps not really worse for light may come & the nightmare ended - For Communism is like a nightmare as practised by the Kremlin - I can't imagine how it succeeded in poisoning men's minds.
Newspapers are bad reading. Our life is tranquil enough, the work goes on and our garden is doing well - I wonder what your coloured primrose size flowers are called? bring some seed back with you!
My husband has written a new work for chorus & orchestra about the stars2 - and his new "Old 104th Psalm" for pfte orch and chorus will be done at Gloucester Festival next month and at a Prom soon after that - he is keeping well so far and I am all right - just now our roof is being mended & we are going to have 2 rooms redecorated - we put off & off for there are more exciting things to do with money - but there comes a time - & roofs leak - well -
Love to you both & keep happy

1. The Sheppards lived in South Africa.
2. Sons of Light

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MS Mus. 1737, f.38
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Year added in pencil in another hand.