Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Evangeline Farrer

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9 Juin 1909

Hotel de L'Univers & Du Portugal Reunis
10, Rue Croix-des-Petits-Champs

Dear Lady Farrer
Thankyou and your committee very much for your most kind letter. But really I don't deserve any thanks; it is a pleasure I would not miss for anything taking part in the Leith Hill Musical Festival. It has always, indeed been delightful to be connected with a performance of such spirit & andenthusiasm which the choirs have always given - But this year, it seemed to me, there was something more and the performances were indeed as well as in will artistic triumphs on the part of the various choirs and of their trainers. Particularly I noticed an immense improvement in tone quality. 
Also I must say what a pleasure it is to conduct the very fine band which the ctee have put at my disposal - I am sure this is a wise policy - the choirs and audience cannot learn to appreciate good music unless it is well performed. I hope the choirs and conductors will feel encourgaed to start another years drudgery with a similar successful end in view.
Yrs very truly
R Vaughan Williams

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