Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Guthrie Foote (OUP)

Letter No.: 
26th October, 1949.

The White Gates,
Dorking, Surrey.

Dear Mr. Foote,
I am returning the proofs herewith separately.1 There are two places I cannot correct myself as I have no score and no sketch here. One is in the Viola part in the first movement where the Concertino has C. and the Tutti has A. I am not sure which is correct.
Then in the Concertino Cello part, 1st. Movement, you query a D. for an E. Again I shall be glad if you can correct that yourself from the score.
I have made a note of a few pages I want to see again.
Yours sincerely,
R Vaughan Williams
(R. Vaughan Williams).

G. Foote, Esq.,
Oxford University Press,
38a, Soho Square, W.1.


1. Proofs of the Concerto Grosso for string orchestra.

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