Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to René Gatty

Letter No.: 
April 21st [1898]

19, Second Avenue

Dear Herr Gatty
I am writing to tell you that we have found a Wohnung & our address after Saturday will be
16 North Street
3 very small rooms in a curious old panelled house close to Westminster Abbey & closer still to Queen Anne's Footstool church in Smith Square. Later on we shall be able to have more room - if we like. Ralph I hope will not find it too far from S. Lambeth. We went to church at S. Barnabas1 last Sunday morning - The choir stared & Mr Ireland2 the deputy was very much upset at sight of R.  Mr Sotheby preached a long ineffectual sermon & afterwards Ralph went into the vestry & was kindly greeted by the choir who hoped he had enjoyed his holiday in Switzerland! Ralph did not like this. 
We have heard from your brother - he says he is thinking of Berlin in the autumn - and I am glad that there is still a chance of his going there. I hope he will come to see us as soon as he is in London again.
I am staying at home for a few days - Ralph is in my brother's lodgings at Westminster - practising 5 hours a day at organ & piano & singing 'the Revenge' in S. Lambeth.
I am sending you a 'Studio' that we got for you - we want to send you some music - but do not like to encumber you before we hear you have got a piano.
I do hope you have got your things from Göttingen - & that you have not had to pay away a great deal to [...] Do not keep us out of your difficulties - if there are any - it wd make us very happy if we could count on your telling us if there was anything we could help you in.
Always yours sincerely
Adeline Vaughan Williams

1. VW was organist of St Barnabas Church in Lambeth, and had been on leave travelling on Germany after his marriage.
2. The composer John ireland, who succeeded VW in the post of organist.


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MS 135

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MS Mus. 1714/1/1, ff. 168-169
General notes: 

The VWs were at North Street for only a few weeks, before moving to Cowley Street. See VWL295.