Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to René Gatty

Letter No.: 
April 9th, [1900]

10 Barton St.

My dear Herr Gatty
We haven't had any news of you for so long: we do want to hear from you when you feel inclined enough to write to us.  What are you doing.  I feel rather jealous of yr poem in the 'Queen'.  I shall try to get some of yrs last I have here taken by it.  Last year we were at Hooton1 with you all - we have had another kind invitation to go again but we are resisting as I am wanted at home.  Do you know that Ivor2 is painting me!  I always come out like a charwoman in photographs & portraits!  I feel I have missed my true calling, but it is too early to pronounce on Tom's work of art yet - he has left it unfinished & is recovering at home.  Herr Nicholas says he is doing nothing but I believe he has a great work pursuing its quiet way in the background, his sympathies are all military just now like most people's.  I expect every day to meet him in khaki.
Ralph gives himself very important airs as a householder, turning off his gas & locking every window & door every night.  But he has set Matthew Arnolds 'Dover Beach'3 to music & has got an article accepted by the 'Londonder' a new rag (weekly) wh. has just started up - his literary aspirations are growing at this unexpected success.
Are the Liebermanns coming to England? And are You?
How are you spending yr Easter.4  In the dutch cafe?  Ralph send his love, we do hope to see you here before very long.
yrs sincerely
Adeline Vaughan Williams

1.  Hooton Roberts, a village in South Yorkshire.
2.  Ivor Gatty.
3.  Kennedy, Catalogue of Works (1996), p.10.  Dover Beach is only known from this letter.
4.  Easter Sunday was 15 April.


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MS 135

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MS Mus. 1714/1/2, ff.20-21