Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Martin Shaw

Letter No.: 
April 28 [1941?]

The White Gates

Dear Martin
It was very nice to have news of you.  The last I heard of you was from your niece Patrick Morgan1 to whom I gave an odd lesson (as deputy for Gordon Jacob) the other day.  I see you have changed your address.  Were you tired of the farm?
Saliva2 seems to have made a pretty good mess of the Agincourt3 - where he has ferretted out some M.S. with those different notes in it I don't know.
I like your new tune.  But I fear that neither you or I or Saliva or Agincourt or Carey can save those rather flat words.
Please let me now if I can advise you over the hymn book - but which hymn book.  There are so many!
My love to Joan

1.  sic.
2.  i.e. Sir Ivor Atkins.
3.  Agincourt by Boughton.

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MS Mus. 1767/3/1/1/12 (1)

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MS Mus. 1714/1/29, f.17 [extract]