Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Joan Shaw

Letter No.: 
Jan 20 [1948?]

From R. Vaughan Williams.
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

My Dear Joan
I wrote to the Bp & have had a v. nice answer from him in which he seems to put the whole difficulty down to finance.  He says "I cannot understand why he is not better supported" and "I hope even yet it may be possible to alter the present decision".  In [the] face of the letter I felt I could not write to York or Litchfield as it would [be] seen as if I was not satisfied with his answer, if they bombarded him at my suggestion.  What do you think about this?
Mrs Dearmer tells me she has had a very sympathetic answer from Arch Bp of York.1
Also I have had a letter from a Mr Clemenson (?) suggesting I shd write a letter to the Times; to this I answered that in view of the Bps letter to me I cd not very well write to the Times without seeming to go behind his back - Also then I cd not write with any personal knowledge of Martin's work.  As in Essex, again, What do you think?
Now about Diccon2
I saw Diccon on Wednesday & he said that he thought that if Diccon worked hard at his violin he might get a post as violin teacher in a school - not a very alluring prospect!
I send herewith what I said I would to help him with his 3 years at Cambridge - or if he does not go to Cambridge to help his education in any way that he thinks best.
R. Vaughan Williams

1.  Cyril Forster Garbett.
2.  Richard Brinkley Shaw.

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MS Mus. 1767/3/1/1/12 (1)