Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Martin Shaw

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October 11, [1950]

The White Gates

Dear Martin
Ralph has given me a new pen, but that is not the only reason for writing to you though I have been ashamed of my bad writing and know that even a new pen will not make it as good as I wish.  Every now and then I refresh heart & mind by thinking of friends who mean much to me and as you have been so present in my thoughts why not make a quick use of my new pen to send you my love.
Ralph is well and vigorous and it made him happy when he received the O.U.P. account to know that you were sharing with him the Hymn harvest gathered by Canon Briggs!  His love with mine.
Adeline VW

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MS Mus. 1767/3/1/1/12 (1)
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