Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Herbert Menges

Letter No.: 
Sept 13 [1942]

The White Gates

Dear Menges1
I will come with pleasure & conduct my L.S.2 on Saturday Sept 26 at 7.30 provided
(a) you will guarantee that I can get back the same night
(b) that you can promise me 90 minutes rehearsal
I do not know if you have the "fancy" instruments - if not you must see that the special "reduced" parts are sent (Flute & Trumpet) see note at beginning of the score
R Vaughan Williams

1. Herbert Menges, conductor of the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra. Presumably VW had received an invitation to conduct this orchestra.
2. London Symphony

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General notes: 

Year estimated; 1936 and 1942 were the two years when September 26 was a Saturday, and the handwritten address at the head of the letter suggests it was written in wartime when headed paper was a luxury.