Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Mrs Freier

Letter No.: 
April 22nd 1958.

at Villa Cristabella, Forio d'Ischia, Italy

as from
From R. Vaughan Williams,
10, Hanover Terrace,
Regents Park,
London, N.W.1.

Dear Mrs Freier
Owing to my absence from England your letter has been delayed in reaching me.
I am sorry to have to refuse your request as I have made it a rule never to allow my handwriting to be auctioned - however good the cause.
I am, however, sending your letter to the secretary of the R.V.W.Trust, and it will come before the Committee at their next meeting.
Yours sincerely
R Vaughan Williams

P.S. Plain "Mr", please - not "sir"



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In the hand of UVW, signed by VW.