Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

Letter No.: 
Friday [22 June 1934]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Belov Boo
I've been a monster never to have mentioned the green goos: jam which we all say is divine
I wonder if you will listen this evening to Gustav's music1 - R couldn't refuse to do the talk before - but he dreads it very much & he found it terribly difficult to write. We shan't be far from you on Sunday for we are going to Chichester Cathedral where Gustav's ashes are to be put or what does one do with ashes - There will be some music & I suppose some little ceremony - his favourite composer Weelkes is buried there which makes the place the right one.
We did rejoice over Steuart's victory2 - but his courage has been justified - Now Thelma Reiss Smith3 might to have her try for she suffered from an abusive letter too & it has made her drop the 'Smith' so as not to be recognized. But she sd have dropped the Reiss!
Your A

1. Gustav Holst, who had died on 25 May 1934; his ashes were interred on Sunday 24 June.
2. The singer Steuart Wilson had successfully sued the BBC for libel for printing in the Radio Times a highly critical and inaccurate letter about his performance.
3. Thelma Reiss-Smith (later Reiss) was a cellist.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/8, ff. 158-159
General notes: 

Date extrapolated from reference to interment of Holst's ashes. The envelope with the letter is however postmarked 29 June.