Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Kenneth Oswald Smithers

Letter No.: 
February 24th 1953.

From R. Vaughan Williams,
The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Dear Mr Smithers,
The arrangement for full orchestra of my Household Music is still in MS. and but I do nor [i.e. 'not'] know why The O.U.P.1 should not lend you the Bass part out of that. But perhaps, as yours is only a string orchestra, it would be best to add a discreet double bass part yourself, which I am sure you would do admirably. If you do that, I suppose the leave of the O.U.P. must be asked, and you had better do so through me.2

Yours sincerely,
R Vaughan Williams

1. Oxford University Press, who published much of VW's work.
2. Smithers, a former pupil at VW's old school Charterhouse, apparently followed VW's suggestion - see VWL4643.


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Typewritten, signed.