Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Nancy Marsden

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[15 January 1948]

Leith Hill Musical Competition

To: The Conductors, Town Choirs.

Here are one or two notes on our Conference last Saturday:
(1.) I owe you an apology. I took "The Blessing of the Swords" too quick so that it was impossible to sing  letter (F) p.8 correctly, and it became almost
I suggest ♩= 60 and perhaps a little slower at (F) with a divided beat. Please bring your copies when we go through the "Passion" and we will try to snatch a moment for it.

(2.) There is a misprint in the Mass p.121 Alto  - it should be

(3.) p.104 basses - please continue the word "all" throughout the phrase (as in the Tenor part) not "things".
R Vaughan Williams

(R. Vaughan Williams)

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Typewritten, signed, with manuscript music notation added. Date from postmark, and added at foot of letter.