Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

Letter No.: 
Friday, [June, 1942]


Belov Boo,
Ad has again gone to London so my letter may be superfluous!  He & Ursula had an early break together - Ralph took them to the station.  Ursula looked just right - a black dress and the green hat with a very light lacy veil & a red rose from the garden.  She's like a lost child, likes someone to talk to all the time - she will be better when today is over - & then we can begin to plan her life.  She will have to earn.  She is returning here till Thursday.  Then she has a friend coming to stay a few days in her flat with her.
R did find the Romney much changed - not only the eyes - the restorer, an old man who looks after the Chatsworth pictures puts down all the changes to the mistakes of a former restorer!  R didn't feel he was quite trustworthy.
The right thing wd have been to have had the picture x rayed before the work was begun.  Anyhow the picture looks well - the gt H1 must have suffered agonies when he discovered it almost covered with mildew.
There's nice rain for the garden.  R is only troubled now that the hens are not getting enough amusement on a wet day - he failed to dig up worms for them.  Now we suggest crushing some crab shell.  Anyhow 1 egg was laid this morning & one last evening.
I'm glad that Calvo is beter so that you needn't hug Mrs Calvo again.
yrs A

1.  "H" was VW's brother Hervey. Presumably this relates to a picture from Leith Hill Place, which Hervey had inherited on the death of his mother.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/14, f.30
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Extract from a letter written on scrap paper.
Date ascribed in pencil by UVW.