Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

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Thursday [September 14 1950]

Belov Boo
[...] I am sitting in the window while R has an aftn sleep - Miss Cullen1 joins him for an early tea & they drive up to Major Glovers supper party for the Otello at Covent Garden. R brings back the Coles afterwards - I hope it may be a good evening but they are to sit in 2 boxes wh is never very happy for the males who have the females in front obscuring the stage - and Margery Cullen is no sylph!
When R was at Maida Vale yesterday Eileen Joyce2 was there with  a score - she is going to play the 104th on St Cecilia's day at Albert Hall & was taking notes & went off with little Mull3 after the rehearsal - Of course Mull ought to be playing tho' a female is perhaps more suitable for St Cecilia. R quite liked her - she sat with him - he had to tell her he didn't know who she was!
R was bombarded at his 5th Symph - he saw such a crowd outside the glass doors the kind official took him through back ways - but not before a middle aged lady burst through and embraced him - he felt this a bit too much.
I send a small parcel of Fares (?) in case R is too late starting today. he listens at home tomorrow
But when are you coming with Pidg???
Yr A

1. Margery Cullen, secretary of the Leith Hill Music Festival.
2. The pianist, who was going to play VW's Fantasia quasi variazione on the Old 104th psalm tune.
3. Michael Mullinar, or perhaps reference to 'little Mull' is to his son Keith?


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MS Mus. 1714/1/18, f. 21
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