Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Percy Pitt

Letter No.: 

13 Cheyne Walk
S.W 3

Dear Mr Pitt1
This is to introduce to you Monsieur von Ughelyi2 who is very anxious that you should give him an audition (violin)
I have heard him play & he seems to me a fine artist
Yours sincerely
R. Vaughan Williams

1. Pitt was Director of Music at the BBC 1924-1930.
2. i.e. Julius von Ujhelyi (Vehaly), the Hungarian violinist, who had escaped from Austria.


Location of original letter:

Shelfmark of original letter: 
Egerton MS 3306, f. 162
General notes: 

A note added in pencil in another hand reads 'arrange audition for Thursday 28th 25 Upper Phil. Place Kensington 4.10'.