Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Mr & Mrs Robert F. McEwen

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[22nd July 1921]

13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Mr & Mrs McEwen

I must apologize for not having written before to thank you for your hospitality - I enjoyed every moment of my time at Ayr.
I have asked Stainer & Bell to send you copies of my organ preludes & pianoforte pieces which may amuse you to look at.
Yrs sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams

1. Three Preludes founded on Welsh hymn tunes, Catalogue of Works 1920/1, for organ and Suite of six short pieces for pianoforte, Catalogue of Works 1920/6.1

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MS Mus.1714/1/5, f. 215
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Date from postmark.
One of five letters sent to Oxford University Press for use by UVW in 1959 with the following covering note:
'Marchmont Greenlaw Berwickshire.
5 letters, 4 of them to my father, the late Robert F. McEwen Esq. of Marchmont, & 1 to me (my father had left the work referred to to R.V.W. & I had given it to him).
Sir John McEwen of Marchmont  Bart.
10th May '59.'
The other letters referred to are: VWL581, VWL578, VWL579, VWL580.

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