Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Maud Karpeles

Letter No.: 
[31 January 1925]

Wd it be a good plan to have my proposal circulated to Ctee before meeting - any way I shall propose it thus
"That the artistic direction shall be vested by the Ctee in
Dr R.V.W.
Miss M.K.1
Mr D.K.2
who shall each have the title of "artistic director" & shall have equal power in artistic control of the society3
That Miss M.K.'s name appear twice in the list of officials 1st as co-artistic director 2dly as Hon. Sec."
"That this order of the ctee be promulgated to the society in a special memorandum"

P.S. I gave you the date of Steuart's concert wrong - it is Friday March 274

1. Maud Karpeles
2. Douglas Kennedy
3. The English Folk Dance Society.  It appears that after the death of Cecil Sharp in 1924 there was a need to clarify roles in the Society.
4. Steuart Wilson

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MS Mus. 1714/2/3/1, f. 2
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Letter in response to one from Maud Karpeles dated 30 January 1925, in the files at the British Library.