Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Maud Karpeles

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13 Cheyne Walk

Dear Maud
I was so glad to get your letter - & know you are having a little rest tho' ever more rather adverse circumstances. I have little to report; I worked steadily for about 8 weeks  - & then spasmodically for 2 & then back to London - large quantity but poor quality I fear.
I wonder what sort of time you are having in U.S.A. - it wd be very good if we cd really get it to spread in America1 - though I suppose the only people who wd take it up wd be the "Portuguese & the Argentines & the Armenians and the Greeks"2
Have a good time when your work is over & don't stay away from us too long

1. Karpeles was in the USA to collect folksongs from 1929-1930. 
2. The song "The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks" was popular in the 1920s and first recorded in 1920.



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MS Mus, 1714/2/3/1, ff. 68-69
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Date assumed to relate to Karpeles' trip to the USA in 1929-1930.