Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

Letter No.: 
Thursday [February 1951]

Belov Boo
Thank you for getting the 2 tickets!
Carr1 asks me to send you Betty's letter & for it to be returned so it is in enclosed env.
At last the sky is brighter & R has just started for London. He has worked hard at his proofs - even before break[fast] so it may be good for him to have a few hours respite.
He is to attend a choral rehearsal of P.P.2 in about a week's time & there is plan for him to go to Manchester in March for a rehearsal while the Covent Garden are on tour!
It seems strange but that seems the way opera is managed.
Do you see that Toscanini has cancelled his visit to England so we shall not hear him conduct R's no.6!3
R as you know was strongly against giving Tosc the compliment of opening the Festival.4
Has Cecile returned from Racy?
My eyes are good
Yr A

yes Hal Burton is the artist designer - close ally with Coghill
a good King Hall

1. Rosamund Carr, a friend of AVW and frequent visitor and correspondent with her.
2. Pilgrim's Progress
3. i.e. Symphony no. 6
4. The Festival of Britain. The Royal Festival Hall was to be opened by the King in May as part of the Festival of Britain. VW did not attend the opening concert - see R.V.W.: a biography p.308.


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MS Mus. 1714/1/19, f.8
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Date annotated in pencil in the hand of UVW. Reference to 'in March' and the Festival.