Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the Editor of The Times

Letter No.: 
[Tuesday, 31 March 1936]

The White Gates,

In a notice in The Times of a speech made by me at the Musicians Club dinner on March 24 I am reported as saying that "English music was not appreciated by the average Englishman as it should be."  This supposed saying of mine is quoted in the article on "English Tastes" in your issue of March 28.  I hope that I have never been and shall never be guilty of making in public this time-dishonoured complaint.  What I did say was that the average Englishman hated English music; that this fact pointed to something wrong, either with the average Englishman or with the music or with the general situation.
I am, &c.
Ralph Vaughan Williams

General notes: 

Printed in The Times newspaper, Tuesday, 31 March 1936, headed "English Music".

The Times (no.47337), Tuesday, March 31, 1936, p.12.