Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the Editor of The Times

Letter No.: 
March 4 [1947]

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

I have lately received from an American friend the following quotation from Emerson, which seems to me at the moment to be very appropriate: -
"Emerson, at Manchester, England, 1837: 'This ... England ... pressed upon by the transitions of trade ... I see her not dispirited, not weak, but well remembering that she has seen dark days before; indeed with a kind of instinct that she sees a little better in a cloudy day; and that in storm of battle and calamity she has a secret vigor, and a pulse like a cannon.'
"Copied and sent by an American who feels acutely his own unworthiness of softer present fortunes; who considers every Englishman these days an individual St. George, and thanks God for England's great pulse of the spirit!"
Yours faithfully,
Ralph Vaughan Williams

General notes: 

Printed in The Times newspaper, Saturday, 8 March, 1947, headed "The Pulse of England".

The Times (no.50704), Saturday, March 8, 1947, p.5.